Dragonfins as a company was started in the Summer of 2016 by windsurfing enthusiast Jan Willem Krijger, helped by Peter Weitenberg, who offered his services and production facilities. The brand itself was actually born from Jan Willem’s passion for manufacturing windsurfing fins.

As a Naval Architect with a specialisation in Hydrodynamics and Computation Fluid Dynamics, Jan Willem has always had his own very specific ideas about fin design which he could not find with any other manufacturer currently in the market. The first prototypes were specifically designed for your typical North Sea conditions, with medium sized waves with a height of about 1-2 metres and short periods inbetween.

These first prototypes proved to work very well. Excellent performance, even in the very first test sessions, was guaranteed. These fins (now called EUROWAVE) did exactly what they were designed for ... creating an extremely 'loose" feeling in the board and enabling the rider to turn very tight on the wave. With great upwind performance and early planing ability!




Our mission for Dragonfins is to provide the highest performance and quality windsurfing fins. We want our customers to have as much fun on the water as we have. We sail for fun and we only make fins that we would use ourselves! Performance, quality and fun are the drivers for all of our products, thus helping windsurfers of all skill levels to find more joy and success in their sport...



To achieve this high standard, Jan Willem has developed computer software for detailed calculation and design. This software translates the requirements of our customers into designs. Whether you’re starting out as a recreational windsurfer or are a highly competitive rider, we guarantee you that our products will seriously improve your windsurfing experience.



For Dragonfins, we decided on production in the Netherlands to make sure we would be able to control the production process and guarantee our high quality standards. Also this enables us to monitor the production closely and carry out regular inspections and quality checks.


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