Performance, knowledge and intelligent design.


With great experience in hydrodynamics, propeller design and computational fluid dynamics, we have a strong basis for the design of the best windsurfing fins possible. For the design of our fins we make use of sophisticated tools like CFD calculations, both potential flow calculations and RANSE calculations.



All our fins are designed with our in-house developed design software. The software enables us to change all the important parameters independent of each other. For example it allows us to change to skew or rake of the fin without changing the area distribution of the fin. This allows us to systematically optimize our fins.

To optimize the manufacturing process the developed software also calculates all the toolpaths used to mill the fins. This gives full flexibility in designing and manufacturing our fins.


Our in-house developed design software calculates the most optimal tooling pattern for the fin surface and the base of the fin.

All our fins are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands to make sure we can guarantee the highest standards possible for our production fins. The fins are manufactured by means of a dedicated CNC milling machine, which has been especially optimised for the manufacturing of high quality windsurfing fins.