EUROWAVE Quad Rear Fins

EUROWAVE fins have been especially designed for typical North Sea conditions with medium sized waves (around 1-2 meters) with short periods.


Loose feeling

EUROWAVE fins give the board an extremely loose feeling and improve the ability to make very tight turns. Great upwind and early planing qualities make these fins very suitable for North Sea conditions. The fins are manufactured out of high grade G10 which gives them a high quality look and feel, and makes them very durable.


Innovative shape

Due to the innovative shape these fins are shorter than conventional fins. Therefore we choose to work with small, medium and large sizes rather than naming the length. In the recommended size chart you can look up the recommended size for your board. But you can also combine different size rear fins with different size front fins.


For example “small” rear fins combined with “large” front fins gives you four fins which are all the same size. The front fins are available in different toe-in angles on the box. Depending on the toe-in of the boxes in the board you can choose the right toe-in angle for you. More information about toe-in angles you can find here.


Please note that Eurowave Quad Rear fins come in pairs. For special requests please contact us directly!

When ordering a complete set (front and rear fins), you will receive a 10 Euro discount in the shopping cart!


Please be aware that all fins are produced per order and the lead production time will be max two weeks. This enables us to remain flexible in our range of sizes and toe-in angles.

Dragon Eurowave
Dragon Eurowave

Eurowave Quad Rears (Pair)

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